Docker Basics Crash Course - a 2-Hour Online Live Workshop

I just can’t wrap my head around Docker!

What is this Docker thing all about? What can you use it for, and why is it so darn hard? Are you missing something?

It’s hard to get a solid understanding of Docker based on bits and pieces. Most people just don’t have the time to read a whole book about Docker, and do even more homework/research to fill in the blanks. Meanwhile, Docker skills are in demand and many positions expect you to know what’s up.

If you have struggled for a while to really understand Docker, if you have tried to follow tutorials again and again, but somehow everything still doesn’t click - this is for you.

It Just Takes 2 Hours

Docker starts making sense once you know what it’s for, what jobs it can take care of and what the assumptions around it are. Tutorials don’t provide the necessary background knowledge, and don’t connect the dots for you.

If you’re missing the big-picture overview, you will keep stumbling over small details. They just don’t really make sense, workflows seem arcane, unintuitive and fickle.

I can help you get a solid understanding of Docker - in just two hours.

With the “Docker Basics Crash Course” 2-hour online live workshop, you will find all the knowledge you need to finally “get” Docker instead of jumping from one confusing online tutorial to the next and still missing the most important parts. The event is designed to provide you with a good overview of Docker, containers and a solid understanding of the most important Docker fundamentals.

After those two hours, you will have a reliable foundation to really understand what Docker is about, and make sense of more advanced topics with less struggle. No more knowledge gaps holding you back.

What you need to know:

What We’ll Cover

After attending the 2-hour workshop, you will have a firm understanding of:

  • What containers are.
  • Why they are useful.
  • What problems Docker is meant to solve.
  • The most important parts of Docker.
  • How to use the Docker CLI.
  • What docker-compose can do for you.

Everything in an interactive live setting, with time to ask clarifying questions and hands-on demonstrations to make abstract concepts easier to grasp.

When Will It Be?

The workshop will be scheduled between the 27th and 30th of April. I will choose a time slot which suits most participants and their time zones after the sign-up closes.

What If I Still Don’t Feel Like I Understand Docker Afterwards?

You will. But if you’re not happy with the workshop for any reason, I offer a complete money-back guarantee. Just let me know and you’ll be refunded the complete amount you paid - no strings attached.

Who is talking?

Hey, I’m Vladislav! I love to share the things I know, and help people to level up their skills. I’m a former startup founder, machine learning enthusiast and DevOps geek. When I’m not writing new articles around Docker, Django and Kubernertes over at, I’m consulting companies on improving their Docker workflows.

Would you like to finally wrap your head around Docker?

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